Carin Sauerwein is a textile designer and experienced dyer living and working in Oakland, CA.

For over fifteen years, she has enjoyed teaching, sharing, and inspiring others to create their own unique dyed pieces and explore the process of creating color from nature. 


She began her dye journey as a young teen, learning from the amazing mentor and dye master, Karen Skoglund

She dyed rainbow tapestries, and twisted spirals for thousands of people at parties, school events, and festivals. It was through those experiences, she saw how creating with your hands and bringing new life to cloth, can bring people together and empower positivity.  She strongly believes is the power of connecting the community through art and shared experiences.


In 2015 she launched Dye on the Side, to share her love for color, pattern, sustainability, and passion for dyeing to all. 


During the week, she designs patterns, graphics and textiles for the active company, Athleta, empowering girls to be BE-YOU-TIFUL and achieve their limitless potential.

When shes not painting the world with color, pattern, and posiivtivity, she loves to go on adventures with her pups Luna, Penny Pasta, and her partner in crime Tim.